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While I don't agree with many of the specifics of the HL7 spec[1], I guess the community behind this project should decide if this system will conform or not.

[1] http://www.hl7.org/implement/standards/

IMHO, the HL7 specification isn't particularly strong. Different vendors support different message types, some vendors fill in this field, some another. Most of the work I did with HL7 was making sure System A could read the messages we were passing it from System B by "translating" the HL7 messages.

That said, there are open HL7 message "interface engines" and integrating with something like Mirth[0] shouldn't be too difficult.

[0] https://www.mirth.com/Products-and-Services/Mirth-Connect

HL7 is fucking garbage.

The thing is, every client implements a different subset of the spec, and nonconformance is widespread.

There is no "conforming" to a spec which is a spec in name only.

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