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This is among the most exciting things going on in the web world, for me. It's a pretty dramatic change that now every website can be encrypted, by default, and in a secure(ish) fashion (it doesn't really do much for proving identity, but SSL has been broken for that for years anyway).

I suspect integrating this has been the most requested feature for Virtualmin for the past several months (and we're about to roll it out, probably next week). For whatever reason, SSL is just always intimidating for people...even when it's been almost entirely automated, the back and forth between the CA and the server and dealing with private keys is a deal-breaker for a lot of non-technical users, so many of our users who are new to web server management have problems with SSL. It follows close behind DNS in terms of how much confusion it causes.

Anyway, I love that Mozilla and others took the initiative to pull this together, and used their not insignificant clout to push it to completion.

What else is exciting? This is the most exciting thing for me, which is actually pretty sad. It's 2015, and HTTPS still isn't widespread, and something like this wasn't done before? It's a good little new thing, but it doesn't really push anything forward. It feels like we're still where we were a decade ago.

PHP 7 is a pretty big deal for our users, though not particularly to me (though our websites run on Drupal, WordPress, and Mediawiki so we will get some performance benefit from the change).

It does seem ridiculous that something like Let's Encrypt didn't happen sooner. But, now that it's finally here, I'm excited about it. I like that we can also expect mail to get more widespread encryption because of this, as well.

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