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I find the number of typo PRs to be amusing. Makes me wonder if there's a mass effort to slog through commented code just to jump into the contributor list.

Correct spelling is certainly good, but the interesting phenomenon is getting a PR merged in a high-profile project - however slight the change - as a badge of cool.


This is absolutely a case of earning a badge of having contributed to this complex famous project, but it is also a way to on-board and empower people. Recruiter should always look deeply and not taking "contribution" at face value.

Definitely to get the little achievement, me included. I wouldn't put it on my resume but I guess it is a fun little thing to have.

Generally when I'm using a new framework, I like to scan the code to pick up on style, undocumented features, etc. Sometimes this results in a few typo-level pull requests.

I never though of this as being resume line item grubbing behavior, now I can't decide whether to stop doing this or start putting it on my resume :)

This is what I end up using the GitHub online editor for.

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