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its a shame this is a joke.

you really could learn better from ballmer than from jobs imo.

i'd much rather be successful for the like ballmer than jobs. cult following is creepy, and recieving kudos even when you do nothing makes it easy to lose perspective.

jobs was great at what he did, but massively overrated thanks to the excellent work of the apple marketting guys. those guys are absolutely amazing at what they do. its a shame they don't get more credit.

The author said so himself:

> If you’re a non genius who hasn’t formed a globally important company in your early 20s — and especially if you’re funny looking — you’ll probably learn more from Ballmer than you can from Jobs.

Just because it's funny doesn't mean it's not true!

How is Jobs overrated because of Apple's marketing team? He was the CEO; it was his marketing team. Even if you want to argue that it was already great when he got (back) there, it's still to his credit that he built the company around making such good use of it. If you want to blame CEOs for everything that goes wrong with a company, you pretty much have to give them credit for everything that goes right, too. Normally I don't think CEOs are nearly that important either way, but in this case it's fair to give Jobs a lot of the credit, precisely because Apple's brand marketing was so effective and the company positioned itself and its products around that brand as well as it did.

That's exactly what Microsoft, and especially Ballmer, never did. As the author points out, maybe Steve Jobs crashing your party would make the other guests feel less cool, but the reality is that a lot of people want to be hangers-on and aren't sufficiently introspective to feel uncool about it. The completion of the analogy is that Jobs got a lot of your guests to pay him $300 for the privilege of following him to crash the next party, while Ballmer brought $20 worth of bad vodka, then robbed your apartment while you were passed out. They both made money without creating much value; the difference is at whose expense they did so.

i shouldn't have said it maybe.

you are right that he deserves some credit, it just always irks me that the cult follower types seem to think he was single handedly responsible for all of the success of apple.

like most CEOs he set a direction, and it was the people underneath him that took the company there under his guidance, but without that direction nothing would have happened. (or something else would have happened)

Jobs was the primordial Apple marketing guy. That's why he was so damn great (and hyped).

true i guess. its easy to forget this...

i don't think this article is a joke. i think it's serious and makes some good points in an original and humorous manner.

it also does it with an original (or at least not cliche'd) perspective, and is refreshingly honest about money.

Apple's best marketing are the product themselves. In fact, if you look at the money Apple spend on advertising, it pales in comparison to Samsung or even Microsoft who constantly spend almost twice as much as Apple on Ads (from 2008-2012):


> its a shame they don't get more credit.

What do you mean? Is there any company whose marketing department you would rate higher?

well, the designers at apple get a lot more credit is what i mean... but that is one aspect of the beauty of their marketting.

i guess if they got the credit it wouldn't work so well. :)

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