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The Swift port for Linux seems to only support x86-64 for now. https://swift.org/blog/swift-linux-port/ I would like to see how swift could run on Linux ARM devices (Raspberry Pi 2/Beagleboard/etc) and other platforms; given that the runtime is already on iOS devices. Kudos to Apple for open-sourcing Swift.

Try to compile it and see if you can get it to work?

there is no source code, yet.

Right now there is!: https://github.com/apple/swift Also, the dependencies to build swift looks fine to build it on other architectures. I'll try to build it for the Raspberry Pi 2 to see.

The CPU architecture shouldn't be a problem, as it's the primary target for iOS apps.

I haven't gotten it to build yet, maybe I should read the manual, but I'm a man, damnit, so I'll do that once I've tried absolutely everything else.

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