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It looks like Apple is also releasing an official package manager for swift.[1] I wonder how that will effect Cocoapods.

[1] https://swift.org/package-manager

Also of note, the largest contributor to the package manager is Max Howell (mxcl), the creator of Homebrew:


It looks like he managed to go through a whiteboard coding exercise in the end! As far as I know, Apple follows roughly the same hiring practices as Google. Well done (no sarcasm here, it's probably great to work at Apple)!

The same guy who wasn't offered a job at Google because he didn't do well in the interview (or was it code in the interview?)

Google doesn't provide feedback on why they reject you. For example, you could be the world's foremost expert on Erlang. But the department interviewing you needs a C++ programmer.

You'd never know that was the reason. You'd just be notified that you weren't called back for another interview and asked to please check back for more positions in a few months.

Actually, you can extract some info from the recruiters. Just ask them, tell them you need it to prepare better next time, tell them you know the reason but want to cross check etc. They will tell you

I was just rejected by Google. They will give feedback -- in my case, the recruiter said that they were worried I didn't seem to care whether my code would actually work as written.

They recruited me through the code jam, but hey.

Interesting to also see Mattt Thompson helped out.

Yea that's great; he's has a clear understanding of what it means to write and maintain a third party package[1] and he's also exceptionally good at writing documentation and code samples[2].

1: https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire

2: http://nshipster.com

Thanks for the link. The repos weren't up when I made my comment.

Check Twitter, they are more than happy to see their work deprecated.

Both Cocoapods and Carthage should eventually be phased out with an official package manager.

Positively, CocoaPods was filling a gap that should have been done at system level. So we've updated our FAQ about it, https://guides.cocoapods.org/using/faq.html

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