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Hmm, does anyone know how to support SPDY and HTTP/2 on a nginx>=1.9.5 and which has only module "ngx_http_v2_module" build inside? What is the configuration for nginx to support SPDY and HTTP/2 ?

We developed our own patch to NGINX that allows it to support both SPDY/3.1 and HTTP/2 and to negotiate correctly. Stock NGINX allows you to have one or the other, but not both.

Would be nice to see that patch open sourced (at least I can hope) ;) :)

I'm sure we will. We open source pretty much everything we can (i.e. we don't open source stuff that's too complex to extract from our business logic).

Stay tuned for that. Not all gifts at once. ;-)

You can't: "This patch replaces the SPDY module in NGINX."


"Before installing the nginx‑plus‑http2 package, you must remove the spdy parameter on all listen directives in your configuration (replace it with the http2 and ssl parameters to enable support for HTTP/2). With this package, NGINX Plus fails to start if any listen directives have the spdy parameter.

NGINX Plus R7 supports both SPDY and HTTP/2. In a future release we will deprecate support for SPDY. Google is deprecating SPDY in early 2016, making it unnecessary to support both protocols at that point."

I believe it's either or but not both.

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