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I stopped using Filezilla on Windows a while back, due to this and other issues (passwords stored in plaintext, etc.) and switched to PSFTP and PSCP, which are MIT licensed and offered directly from the developer's page[1]. However, reading this article reminded me that Filezilla was actually still installed on that box, just not in use, so I decided to uninstall it while it was on my mind. Immediately after uninstalling it, it tried to force a shutdown on my computer. The only reason I was able to stop it was because I had a process running in the background that wouldn't terminate and I was given the choice by Windows to force shutdown or cancel.

Now, I've only ever installed it from ninite.com[2], so I know it didn't initially have the Sourceforge trojan/adware junk. However, I've since allowed it to download its own updates instead of doing it manually through the Ninite downloader. I've never, ever seen a program I've uninstalled via the Windows Control Panel with the ability to force a shutdown or restart without first notifying me or giving me the option to postpone. I'm starting to think there's something nefarious in Filezilla itself, perhaps in one of those "direct from the developer" updates, not just the Sourceforge wrapper.

Another interesting thing is that the built in Filezilla updater will first uninstall the app before reinstalling the updated version, and it never tried to restart or shutdown the computer during those updates, only during uninstallation from the Control Panel.

[1] http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.h...

[2] Ninite strips out any malware or other crap from the installer and only installs the pure program with default settings, in the background, and sources the app directly from the developer's site when possible. It's my go-to tool for essential Windows utilities.

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