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This is slightly off topic but am I the only one surprised at the litany of permissions they require for the android app? Some make sense (like SMS or camera) but device & app history/location/identity/device ID & call info/contacts/calendar/microphone/phone seems like a smash and grab. I saw moxie speak at a conference once and he specifically called out the device id/call information permission as evidence that google doesn't care about your privacy, so why is his privacy-enabling app requiring it?? I thought these were supposed to be the good guys (and girls)? The good guys (and girls) don't do 'collect it all.'

> am I the only one surprised

Why not ask your favorite search engine? Definitely faster than creating a HN account ;)

First Google search result: http://support.whispersystems.org/hc/en-us/articles/21253585...

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