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This isn't working for me, the code I'm supposed to scan won't show up, just


(I installed from github)

EDIT: I apologise, I'm wrong. It appears github has been updated to remove this warning.

and as it pretty says on github, the github repo is confiugred to connect to the development server.

So yea, trying to jump the queue by installing the dev blob from github won't work.

I made it working: 1. Clone the Signal-Desktop Repo 2. Edit the File: "js/background.js" Line 56 SERVER_URL to 'https://textsecure-service.whispersystems.org' and Line 57 ATTACHMENT_SERVER_URL to 'https://whispersystems-textsecure-attachments.s3.amazonaws.c... and save it 3. Open chrome://extensions/ 4. Activate Developer mode 5. Click "Load unpacked extension..." and select the Signal-Desktop directory 6. Open https://textsecure-service.whispersystems.org/ and accept the cert (otherwise you won't see the qr code) 7. Scan the qr code and have fun!

> and accept the cert

... sigh... Trusted encryption fail.

Is there some way to verify this cert?

Fantastic, thanks, it's working great!

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