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Requiring a google email address and chrome for a secure messaging system? Very strange move.

They're using Google groups to manage the beta testing program.

Make sense since that's how you sign into the Chrome app store to download the app.

"Make sense since that's how you sign into the Chrome app store to download the app."

I don't think it makes any sense at all.

Even if you do use gmail/google in some places (I don't) it's not a given that you want to tie that identity to this app or these activities.

A throwaway google account is getting very difficult since google automatically flags an account with no mobile phone number attached to it as a "suspicious activity" account, immediately forcing you to add a mobile number.

Google is not the Internet. Their app store is not the Internet. I can't believe that the people I know to be behind this project have tied it to google in such a necessary and intimate way.

Really, they do that now!? No way am I giving Google my phone number, goddamn. I have gradually drifted away from using any Google services - I guess I won't be creating any new Google accounts in the future, then.

Isn't that just horrible? A secure messaging service that requires a google account for installation.

No, not /require/. Here: https://github.com/WhisperSystems/Signal-Desktop (link from the webpage).

Go get bower and npm and build it yourself. It'll be a zipfile.

Oh, well, nevermind then! I'm not signing in to some damn app store no matter how cool the software may be.

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