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> Signal Desktop is a Chrome app which links with your [Android] phone,[...]

Unless your "adversary" is not the NSA, I wonder what's the point of encrypting your communications when those coms are taking place on technologies (iOS, Android, Chrome) from companies that are members of the Prism program.

1. Billions of people live in countries which do not have jurisdiction over Apple, Google, etc.

2. You should learn more about PRISM before spreading FUD about its victims. I'm strongly critical of the NSA's actions but for all of their abuse, PRISM is not the bogeyman you're making it out to be:

“The PRISM program collects stored internet communications based on demands made to internet companies such as Google Inc. under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 to turn over any data that match court-approved search terms”


> court-approved

Remember, this a secret court, whose judges are likely highly biased in favor the government, with secret proceedings where only the NSA gets to make a case. Not exactly a legitimate safeguard.

I also have reservations about the grandparent comment, but PRISM is still pretty awful.

Again, I'm not defending them in any way but all we know about the program is that it allows the kangaroo courts to order searches of information stored on those servers. We have no reason to believe it includes the ability to e.g. compel Google to ship a compromised version of Chrome to a specific user and the fact that the NSA has an entire program to develop and deploy rookits supports that interpretation since it's far more expensive than just asking the company to do it for you.

> 1. Billions of people live in countries which do not have jurisdiction over Apple, Google, etc.

Alternatively, you could say that billions of people live in countries with no restrictions on espionage of these companies, and with no recourse. Has NK faced justice for the Sony hack? Has the US faced justice for taps of overseas cables? No on both counts. If anything, having your country be a member of PRISM grants you as a citizen greater protection over how that data is used against you by that government.

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