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Woah, it can't be stressed how bad this is. If this succeeds, other countries will definitely follow! If it can be shown to work, it will be demanded that this be implemented by pretty much everyone for difficult to deny political reasons (terrorists, children, crime, etc)

This feels like the first bullet in a new war that will occur in every parliament world wide.

It is already par for the course in the enterprise world (both public and private sector), for difficult to deny political/economic reasons.

Which is quite another thing, after all you are using somebody else network, just as you have every right to hear Adeles new album in your home, but not in mine.

Besides these days you can use your own phone and mobile data, at which point you should be safe.

> If it can be shown to work

Work for who? This breaks SSL encryption, a technology which the modern internet relies on.

I can't say that I agree with you. Kazakstan has never really been much of a leader in world politics.

Not following the politics; following the technological "innovation". "Appropriate technology" for "developing" dictatorships.

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