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Dublin, Ireland - NLP Engineer at AYLIEN [1] (Full-time, onsite)

AYLIEN is hiring an NLP Engineer to join the Text and Image Analysis startup in Dublin, Ireland.

* Your responsibilities:

- Improve and extend NLP capabilities of AYLIEN’s Text Analysis engine.

- Research and evaluate new approaches to NLP problems.

- Produce deliverable results and take them from development to production.

- Engage in knowledge sharing with our team.

* You must be expert at:

- Modern Machine Learning concepts/techniques.

- NLP tasks such as: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Document Classification, Topic Modeling, NLU or NLG.

- Text pre-processing and normalization techniques.

- Java or Python, and general software engineering.

- Compiling, processing and evaluating datasets.

* Would be great if you have:

- MSc./PhD in CS, NLP, Computational Linguistics or related fields.

- Good understanding of linguistics and language as a phenomenon.

- Experience with open-source NLP/ML toolkits such as CoreNLP, OpenNLP, NLTK, gensim, LingPipe, Mallet, scikit-learn, MLlib, Theano, Keras, NumPy, etc.

- Experience with non-English NLP.

Interested? Please send a brief introduction and your CV to jobs@aylien.com.

[1] http://aylien.com

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