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If you'd like to learn to play the game, it's not easy. I've created a multipart video tutorial to help you sort of find your feet, learn a few of the keybinds, and get a checklist of things you need. It also talks about how to get better graphics and an isometric view.


Enjoy all the fun. Dwarf Fortress is one of the only single player games that has held my attention consistently over the years. I suspect you might find it engaging as well.

If memory serves, there's even an O'Reilly Press book on this -- "Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress" or thereabouts. (And it's for two major releases ago!)

I have a copy of the book. It was pretty good when it came out and the author promised to update the digital version as the game changed.

I have referred to this book, and very much enjoyed it. Some people prefer a video start just to hear the thought process out loud, so I made one available.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching this and that you're very good at doing tutorials. Thanks!

I have some other DF content on that channel if you are interested.

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