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I admire the forever project, and the dedication of the brothers. I've played the game way too much in the past, but I grew increasingly frustrated with the single threaded model combined with their disinterest in fixing it.

Building an expansive fortress and number of dwarfs is a lot of fun (honestly, probably the most fun I've had with a game since Dungeon Keeper and Settlers way back) but then FPS starts dropping and you find yourself doing dumb things to counteract that. The fun bits fade away and it gets tedious.

To me, DF is best looked at and enjoyed as an amazing art project and an inspiration for other game devs.

The real problem is the creator's stubbornness in not including others in his effort. Even if he doesn't want to release the source he should put some effort into making components pluggable so that others can do the boring work of, say, refactoring the UI.

Its a conceptual continuity issue. Like claiming the Mona Lisa would have been a better painting if the painter abstracted the girl out so Bob Ross could paint the trees in the background.

Yeah, well, the original developer never got the frame rate high enough for Mona Lisa to ever actually be playable.

:( though I can't quite prove you wrong this is a sad way of looking at things. I believe that the creators of DF could easily maintain the creative integrity of the project and at the same time include others in the more technical platform specific stuff.

Edit: Actually, my evidence is dwarf therapist. I don't think i could play the game without it and it is evidence of two things: 1) the default interface is broken in some serious ways, 2) the game is so good that people will go to really _insane_ lengths to mod it to make it playable.

The community is in fact participating, but the creators are making it more difficult than it needs to be with all the source closing.

To be fair, from what I understand the code was written in such a way that a very large portion of it would have to be rewritten in order for DF to be multi threaded. It's a shame it wasn't designed with multi threading as an idea in the first place, but I don't think multi core was a big thing back then.

Somewhat true, though first release was 2006 and it was pretty clear everything was going multi-core by then.

But regardless, its their pool and they choose how they want to operate it. We're fortunate that they share it with everyone because it is a very cool project, but that doesn't mean we can't take note that it falls under the weight of itself fairly quickly in practice.

They weren't really professional programmers though, from what I gather? Tarn was a professional mathematician. And the code base was started earlier than 2006.

There's some mods out there that try and help with fps by simplifying certain systems in the game, such as reducing the amount of material and plant types, things like that. I know Masterwork mod does this.

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