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relayr || QA Engineer || Berlin, Germany Full-time, Onsite

Berlin-based startup relayr is looking for QA Engineer: You dreamt of building the future but find yourself bored of working on the mundane tasks of yet another mobile advertising platform or clothing e-tailer?

Our platform for the Internet of Things, connects smart devices to each other, and to app developers. We’ve created three easy tools (Platform as a Service, SDKs and a Sensor-Kit – the WunderBar) which allow developers to quickly program Internet of Things solutions, with sensor data to create applications for their physical surroundings.

Your Tasks: >Build automated tests, develop scripts to test apis and data streaming services >Monitor performance and stability against new code releases >Work with large Datasets >Identify, record, document thoroughly and track bug, build bug processing pipeline. >Continuous optimisation of testing processes and selection of appropriate testing tools >Actively communicate with different teams in the company

Your Skills: >Several years of experience in QA / Test Automation >Knowledge of Linux, networks >Very good knowledge in a script language, i.e. Python or Ruby >Experience with Unix tools and utilities, bash >Good English skills, German is desirable

Sounds interesting? We’d be happy to receive your CV, start date and salary expectations! Looking forward to hearing back from you at jobs@relayr.io

For more details, follow the link: https://www.relayr.io/jobs/qa-engineer/

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