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relayr || NodeJS Developer || Berlin, Germany Full-time, Onsite

Berlin-based startup relayr is looking for NodeJS Developer: You dreamt of building the future but find yourself bored of working on the mundane tasks of yet another mobile advertising platform or clothing e-tailer?

Our platform for the Internet of Things, connects smart devices to each other, and to app developers. We’ve created three easy tools (Platform as a Service, SDKs and a Sensor-Kit – the WunderBar) which allow developers to quickly program Internet of Things solutions, with sensor data to create applications for their physical surroundings.

Your Tasks: > Work with internal libraries and services to build both prototyped and ready-to-market solutions > Add value with every iteration to solve problems fast > Design and build independent micro service components > Collaborate with cloud and hardware teams to give feedback on internal systems and define new features

Your Skills: > Minimum 3-5 years experience in web engineering > Strong proficiency in JavaScript, ECMA6, NodeJS, persistence layers such as MongoDB and Postgres > Comfortable working with linux systems, DevOps and networking > Experience with HTML5/CSS is a plus > Able to work in a structured, agile, test oriented manner > Interest in hardware such as the RaspberryPi and Arduino

Sounds interesting? We’d be happy to receive your CV, start date and salary expectations! Looking forward to hearing back from you at jobs@relayr.io

For more details, follow the link: https://www.relayr.io/jobs/nodejs-developer/

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