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relayr || Embedded Systems Engineer || Berlin, Germany Full-time, Onsite

Berlin-based startup relayr is looking for Embedded Systems Engineer: relayr is all about bringing things to life. We have three technical pillars: an Internet of Things Platform as a Service, open SDKs and a Hardware development platforms designed to allow developers to quickly build Internet of Things solutions.

You will develop libraries and examples running on diverse hardware platforms, construct prototype applications for client projects, support existing products e.g. WunderBar

Requirements: Excellence in Embedded C / C++, experience in developing and debugging for ARM, RTOS, interest in light-weight languages like Lua or Python ,some knowledge of developing low-level drivers, knowledge of Freescale Kinetis and Nordic nRF51 families is an advantage.

For more details, follow the link: https://www.relayr.io/jobs/embedded-systems-engineer-2/

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