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I was so excited when I saw this post. Then I realized it's another 'too early' post claiming the tag == release. It's not released until it happens on the PHP site. This is just a tag in the repo. Sure, it likely won't change now, but it could.

Indeed, the GA release date is tomorrow: https://wiki.php.net/todo/php70#timetable

Correct, it's not likely to change at this point. Official release is slated for Dec 3 according to their Twitter[1], so it appears they are getting everything ready to launch.

[1] https://twitter.com/official_php/status/669940548128534528

PHP 7 has been very stable, but a serious bug was discovered close to launch that made them delay the release by two weeks. There have been no serious issues found since that time, so release should be imminent.

It's not uncommon for released to be re-tagged, too.

and if you do this you deserve to burn in a fiery pit for being a bad bad bad release manager

If you tag a commit you better stick to your guns and never change it. You can't just re-tag or re-roll your releases because you found a bug. Bugs happen. Increment your version number, cut/tag a new release, and move on. You will never have a perfect release. Ever.

Tagging a PHP release doesn't mean finalising it. That's when the tarballs go up and the email goes out.

Yes, but moving a tag is very bad. A tag is meant to be an immutable pointer into a repo.

If you create a php-7.0.0 tag, and you find a bad bug, then make a new tag, either php-7.0.1, or since you might still want to call the release PHP 7.0.0, maybe name it php-7.0.0-bugfix1 or something.

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