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Try googling "Alabama Justice Project", which is the group responsible for this release.

I got three news items, 2 from today. One empty blog set up months ago. Poking around some more, I get Jon Carroll, the author of "The Henry County Report", breaking the story from the Alabama Justice Project, which he is also involved in. I see the Southern Poverty Law Center mentioned in a couple of the dozens of copy-links from this story, but nothing on their site.

I'm not saying this report is fake, or even trying to discredit Carroll. But you gotta admit this is a really weird way to break a story of such huge magnitude. Sure would be nice to have some other outlet check the facts on this. There are a lot of people implicated in this article, and the author uses phrases such as "slam shut case" which leads me to think he has an agenda. Combine that with the weird provenance? I get uneasy. We got one lone wolf and 47-thousand mainstream news outlets copying what he's putting out.

News ain't what it used to be.

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