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Regaind | Paris, France | Onsite | Full-Time, Interns | Software Engineer & Researchers https://regaind.io

At Regaind, our goal is to do much more with the 3 billion photos taken every day in the world, instead of leaving them unexploited. For any given usage (share online, print a photobook, sell to a brand), we extract the most appropriate pictures from a given photo gallery, based on their content and on their narrative and aesthetic value. No more procrastinating, no more painful manual sorting: extract all the potential from all your photos, instantaneously!

Regaind is incubated at Agoranov (Luxembourg garden, in the heart of Paris) and has raised its seed round among famous french web entrepreneurs.

If you intend to become an expert in innovative techniques, and if you want to participate in a start-up adventure in a red-hot sector, join us. We have everything to make you learn fast and contribute to building a great product.

We are hiring three tech profiles:

* Full-stack software engineers (Python, Frontend, API)

* 2 computer vision/machine learning engineers/researchers

Full job descriptions: https://regaind.io/jobs

Applications are open for YC Summer 2021

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