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GrabTaxi | Singapore | Full Time ONSITE

GrabTaxi is a South East Asian startup that aims to transform the way 600 million people commute every day. We want to improve the safety and efficiency of our taxis by leveraging on advancements in GPS and mobile technology.

Our production scale is massive. We process hundreds of thousands of real time bookings a day, and when you push out new code, tons of people will use what you made. Operating at this level is hard but incredibly rewarding. As a leader in an exciting and fast-paced industry that is evolving daily, we are seeking talented engineers to join our team. You will specialize in building elegant products that bring our unique On-Demand Transport experience to millions of people, anytime and anywhere.

   - Senior Mobile Engineer (Android / iOS)
   - Database Engineer/Lead
   - Security Engineer/Lead
   - Engineering Manager (Mobile / DevOps / Full Stack)
   - Director of Engineering (Mobile / Full Stack / Backend Payments)
If you're interested please get in touch:

- https://grab.careers/

- matias.singers [at] grabtaxi [dot] com (mention that you saw this on HN)

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