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A modern alternative to the pizza delivery message would be to use uber to book a car near the location and upon the allocation of the driver, contact them and ask them to deliver the message.

and then drive around the block a few times for their trouble.

Taskrabbit or a similar service --- practically designed for such scenarios.

Uber is orders of magnitude better in this scenario.

- TaskRabbit: Post job, wait for bids, accept a bid, wait for driver to leave his/her house to deliver message, 2-3 hours later... profit?

- Uber: Place pin near address, request ride, driver less than 5 min away accepts, call driver with weird request. 10 min later... profit!


I'm not so sure. A taxi in Melbourne Australia won't even take a booking for a street corner.

"I'm sorry sir, it has to be a fixed address."

Also taxi companies aren't set up to accept payment over a telephone call. So they'd have to trust the recipient to pay.

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