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After the collapse of Soviet Union, in my country there was explosion of mafia. Police were incapable and this is exactly how police dealt with them. Draconian drug laws meant that cops could easily put gangsters to jail for a long time.

Basically if thugs play dirty, cops are playing dirty as well.

Are you suggesting that the hundreds of black men falsely convicted and imprisoned by corrupt white supremacist police and prosecutors were culpable because they are “thugs playing dirty”?


When such corruption is completely normal and the assumption is that the state is always in the right somehow, you get opinions like the above.

Also you can't really convince people that hold these opinions otherwise, since when endemic corruption REALLY IS everywhere its quite foolish to assume the best of people, except somehow in this case, the grandparent commenter is assuming that despite all odds the police were doing the right thing, just through illegal means.

I was stating the fact that happened in my country ruled by gangsters who were extorting innocent people.

Why you are reading something that is not there?

Your three-sentence story was about police battling the “explosion of mafia” using underhanded tactics, and makes no mention of innocent people.

The case under discussion is police planting drugs and guns on people who were wrongly arrested and who had no prior criminal record or connection to gangsters, because the police were hateful racists.

Since those two scenarios seem completely unrelated, my inference was that either (a) your comment is totally off topic, or else (b) you are trying to suggest that the situations are similar. Option (b) seems more likely considering your statement “basically if thugs play dirty, cops are playing dirty as well” is in a separate paragraph, and the obvious implication is that it applies to both your first paragraph and to the original article. Hence my question.

Rather than inferring that all thugs are black, you should have inferred that mafia isn't there to help people.

Anyhow, sorry if my story isn't interesting.

'thug' has some really bad associations right now. It's basically the latest euphemism for 'black person', so people read your initial comment as explicitly intended to compare the situation in your country to the situation here.

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