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> Once the examiner has an adequate series of charts to evaluate, he will begin the scoring process. This is done most often using a numerical scoring method which evaluates the subject's physiological responses to the Relevant and Control questions. The computer polygraph may also use an algorithm developed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory or other researchers to score the examination. The examiner can use this algorithm to independently score the examination or for quality control purposes to verify his own determination.


If you look closely, you'll notice that that's a copyright notice for a piece of software evaluating the results. The test isn't necessarily being run by JHU APL, but the software was developed there.

See also: http://www.jhuapl.edu/ott/technologies/technology/articles/P...

JHU APL does tons, well primarily, highly sensitive defense contracting work. For instance, you can actually head on over right now to Linkedin and apply for their "Combat Systems Kill Chain Engineer" position. [1] Security is thus a big requirement.

From Wikipedia: "APL is primarily a defense contractor. It serves as a technical resource for the Department of Defense, NASA, and other government agencies."

There is a very strained relationship with some parts of the JHU community due to this. At the offices where they control the Hubble Space Telescope for instance there is a deli with a tip jar for, tongue in cheek, COINTELPRO.

[1] https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/70728662?trk=jobs_jserp_...

On a somewhat related note, the relationship between CMU's campus and SEI / CERT (another FFRDC) was somewhat strained recently in light of the recent Tor allegations.

Traditional academia and government researchers will always make for strange bedfellows.

It's still an ugly involvement. Evaluation software isn't going to redeem "lie detectors' as anything other than voodoo. It just gets the stink of that voodoo on JHU.

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