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PlayCanvas - London - (ONSITE || REMOTE)

Two coding positions available at PlayCanvas the leading WebGL interactive 3D engine. http://playcanvas.com/


PlayCanvas is looking for a top flight game coder to join our growing team.

We have an exciting online multiplayer game project that you will be leading.

Ideally, you have a portfolio of games you have already made or worked on. We are looking for a talented all-rounder. Can you enter a game jam on your own and make something awesome? Can you pick up new skills and technologies quickly?

More info: http://forum.playcanvas.com/t/playcanvas-is-hiring-game-code...


PlayCanvas is looking for a creative coder to join our family. Come and help us build award-winning apps and games that are the best on the web.

More info: http://forum.playcanvas.com/t/playcanvas-is-looking-for-an-a...

Email: info@playcanvas.com with CV and cool stuff. Check out http://playcanvas.com/

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