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"Gen George C. Marshall received a report from a general on his staff that some of Marshall’s officers had morale problems. General Marshall said, 'Officers don’t have morale problems. Officers cure morale problems in others. No one is looking after my morale.'"


This is a clever way of putting things, but what it is really saying is that leaders shouldn't let the people who are counting on them see their morale problems. But that doesn't mean that they can't have morale problems, or that they can't find support up or sideways on the chain of command.

IIRC there is a section in Horowitz's book that covers this during the doom days of Loudcloud.

The worst interpretation here is as a justification for lazy leadership. What it really means is that for leaders there is a higher expectation of emotional intelligence, or as Ben Horowitz puts it, your ability to manage your own psychology.


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