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Off topic comming up. I feel the one thing that will really get Google in trouble is this hypothetical senerio--right out of a bond movie:

Google has the ability to look at all our internet history. They have the ability to read our emails. That can match up ip addresses with street address. They can most likely figure out what most people do for a living. (yes, some of this spying in illegial, unless advertising purposes?)

Could you imagine looking at the Internet history, and emails of the Titans of business around the world? Looking at the information that stock/investment types pass around.

Looking at all this information, collating it, data mining it, etc., and then buying and selling stocks/bonds/etc.?

Yea, I know it's illegial. It just seems like it would be tempting? I know the SEC is probally, or I hope they are, watching out for this kind of hypothetical behavior, and no--I don't think the founders of Google would ever even think about doing someting like this. If I worked there, and had access to sensitive files on those servers; It just seems like it would be hard to not look at that information, and make a few bets? Yea, I know they have great internal security, and have strict policies, but there's always a guy who would be willing to break the rules? I don't think I could not look at that information, and try to predict the future? (In reality I would never do anything like I proposed, but it sure would be tempting?)

People are attacked physically over tiny sums of money. Occasionally someone is murdered over sums small and moderate sums of money.

If people can be tempted by money to commit terrible crimes of violence, we should expect it would be easier to tempt someone with either larger amounts of money or less risk of getting caught.\

Mining data - from any source - is a lot less risky than murder, with a very low probability of being caught. Sometimes, selling data can be incredibly profitable.

What is the probability that all of the current and future people at google will overcome that temptation? Even if people currently at google somehow resist the temptation, the open-ended nature of the data means that someone will eventually break.

Nevermind the possibility of intelligence assets/agents working undercover at companies like Google and Facebook.

There is a degree of fear, uncertainty, and doubt whenever a new technology appears, but there are consumer watchdogs and regulatory bodies that keep it in check - whether that's the EFF/FTC with tracking or the EWG/EPA with GMOs.

The majority of the populace is okay will these technologies, because honestly, you're probably more likely to be injured in a car accident than be negatively impacted by tracking.

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