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We're looking for people (London or REMOTE) who match at least some of the following:

• love C

• like Rust

• have strong HPC experience

• have a strong compiler theory research background

• have experience with LLVM compiling to GPU

• have experience writing on top of paravirtualisation APIs

• have strong industry domain experience

• love the idea of running distributed compute on bare metal (no Linux)

• dislike the prevailing big data stack (Spark, Hadoop, Java) and can cogently explain why it's so painful to use

• are undogmatic - skeptical of new viewpoints but can readily admit when they're wrong

• have been programming obsessively since an early age

• have "hacker" backgrounds (3 of our team have grey-ish hat backgrounds, including writing the first bootsector virus before viruses were illegal)

• have experience as CTO/chief architect/chief scientist/herding programmers

Our team ranges from 21 (who was the youngest ever researcher at Imperial aged 16) to 43, with a mix of interesting backgrounds. Salary ~£80k-£120k (~$120k-$180k) plus equity.


Happy to see people challenging the Hadoop stack. Wishing you success.

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