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Nashville, TN | Conway, AR | Fayetteville, AR | Pensacola, FL | Augusta, GA | Remote

Full-time only

Metova builds apps for any size company, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. We enjoy helping start-ups become brand names and corporations launch new products.

Current Open Positions (all positions are looking for developers with at least 1 year of experience):

- Rails Developer: http://metova.com/jobs/rails-developer/

- iOS Developer: http://metova.com/jobs/ios-developer/

- Android Developer: http://metova.com/jobs/androiddeveloper/

- Java Web Developer: http://metova.com/jobs/java-web-developer-2/

- PHP Developer:http://metova.com/jobs/phpdeveloper/

Info on our culture/benefits: http://metova.com/ourculture

You can apply directly to jobs@metova.com.

They reject people for debatable reasons such as "communication skills." Don't apply here.

How is this a debatable reason? If they have you working for a client, and you can't communicate with the client effectively, that's a completely valid reason for rejection.

Full disclosure: Former employee of Metova, and I had an absolutely fantastic experience with them.

It's debatable if one has "good communication skills" or not. This is what I'm saying. If you talk to someone different they would have a completely different viewpoint on your "skills." Nothing objective in that. Plus, you can't really judge how well you talk with a client in an interview since the interviewer is not a client of the company.

I concur.It is time we let the whole world knows some of these companies that treat potential employees shabbily.

Are you open to hire remote developers form outside the U.S.?

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