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Qualcomm | San Diego, CA | Full Time | ONSITE | VISA

Qualcomm's Chip Architecture team is looking for developers to build profiling tools that our engineers use to gain critical insights into the performance of mobile chips that power billions of devices worldwide.

We use tools to profile hardware and software jointly: software at the application, framework and kernel layers, and hardware across the chipset, including the CPU, GPU, wireless modems and system interconnects. We have openings for both low-level kernel tools and higher level data processing and analysis tools.

For kernel-level development you should have a strong C background, and experience working with the Linux kernel. Experience with low level profiling tools on any platform (such as ftrace or dtrace) would be good to have.

For data processing and analysis tooling, you should have experience developing data processing and analysis tools in Python or other languages. We'd prefer a full-stack developer who can handle the entire pipeline from data processing through database management to visualization tools. We have a modern development stack, using Python 3, a CouchDB backend, and visualization and analysis using the IPython notebook and d3.js.

For more information and to apply: https://jobs.qualcomm.com/public/jobDetails.xhtml?requisitio...

We are also looking for a more experienced developer who can be a team lead across all of the profiling tools. If you fit that role, you can get more information and apply at: https://jobs.qualcomm.com/public/jobDetails.xhtml?requisitio...

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