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PSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES (http://PSYT.co.uk) — London (UK) or remote

* We need great JavaScript and/or Android engineers

WHAT WE DO. We measure and enhance wellbeing and productivity using mobile apps. There are two strands to this. First, we quantify cognitive and psychological states, such as attention or happiness. Second, we deliver interventions, such as mindfulness, to boost cognitive and psychological skills. Right now we're trying to make the world's workplaces happier, and working mostly B2B.

WHO WE ARE. Our backgrounds span finance, psychology, technology, and design. CTO George (gmac) leads on the measurement side, having mapped the UK's wellbeing with Mappiness (http://mappiness.org.uk). CEO Nick leads on interventions, as the former Head of Research for successful mindfulness app Headspace (http://www.getsomeheadspace.com).

WHAT WE USE. We love CoffeeScript, especially for cross-platform internal app logic. We have iOS and Android apps, and both make liberal use of JavaScriptCore. Our back-end is node.js and Postgres, with heavy use of JSONB.

WHO YOU MIGHT BE. You're smart, curious, motivated. Perhaps you have some really solid JavaScript expertise backed up with a little bit of Android — or maybe it's the other way around. You know a closure from a promise, and are happy working with both. You love to learn, and you know that good UX is both super-important and properly hard.

Contact george(at)PSYT.co.uk

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