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Google's MapReduce patent: what does it mean for Hadoop? (arstechnica.com)
27 points by clint 2622 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

It's too bad Hadoop seems to have been inspired by Google papers as a solution to Nutch's scaling issues. See http://research.yahoo.com/files/cutting.pdf [pdf]

To me (and IANAL), this implies that Hadoop users are at Google's mercy.

I just wish that google pushed this patent to the extreme and trolled everyone, and then went to congress to say "see we just shut down half the web, patent laws are currently fucked up and need changing"

That would move Google from lawful good/lawful neutral (in theory, "Don't be evil") to chaotic good. It might actually be a good idea.

A little off topic, but any of the Good alignments follow "Don't be evil", since by definition Good is not Evil. Neutral says nothing about not doing evil and actually implies doing some evil. Lawful Neutral is following the order of law regardless of whether a law is good or evil. Chaotic Good is more of disregarding law or actively attempting to destroy law but while still doing what is Good. Therefore, I'd say Google acting as the GP describes would more closely follow Lawful Neutral than Chaotic Good.

Edit: Actually, I guess the process of acting as the GP describes would be Lawful Neutral but the end result would be Chaotic Good.

I'm not sure how following the law for the purpose of destroying the law seems lawful...

It's a simple application of higher order law.

Is it something to do with the "china hacked google" thing after doing nothing for quite some years? just a thought.

What? The patent was filed in 2004.

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