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It really needs some design. I'd suggest going somewhere like http://themeforest.net/ and picking out a cheap template at the very least.

I also never sign up for a site without seeing what I'm signing up for, so I'm afraid I haven't checked out anything further than what I could see while logged out.

I'm a bit of a design nazi as it is, but in this case I think there's a more legit need.

You're asking me to trust you with very sensitive information. I'm going to be very hesitant to do so with a site that looks like it was hacked together overnight.

As mentioned below as well having information about the security of your solution is vital.

Thanks for the suggestion about themeforest; I'm browsing that now.

As to the not being willing to sign up without seeing it, this is an issue that we've been struggling with. By the nature of the site, we need to have an identity attached to the information we store. If you have a good suggestion on how we could safely do a demo version without compromising people's security, there's an excellent chance that we'd do it.

Screenshots or video make for an acceptable demo; it doesn't have to be interactive.

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