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Also Flipkart is yet to be profitable, in the world of startups you can be perceived to be successful, but of late the Indian bubble is deflating. As far as ecommerce is concerned one has to follow Peter Theil's concept of not starting a commodity business, ecommerce right now is a commodity business where flipkart can't distinguish from snapdeal and the many other ecommerce sites, the only way to do that is by offering discounts which come at the cost of losses! These days everyone gives discounts offers at crazy rates, but that means they are doing customer acquisition but they can't retain these customers unless they give heavy discounts!

The debate of profitability/sustainability vs. quick growth is a never ending one. You are right about Flipkart. but taht still doesn't take anything away from what the Bansals have built...

> The debate of profitability/sustainability vs. quick growth is a never ending one.

tbh it is not never ending. From a non wary eye one can celebrate the bansals for building a pvt business valued over 10billion $ but seriously, there is no way they can match that when they become public, there is something called as revenue that they need to generate regularly! Just by offering crazy discounts they might be able to boast that they sold 100000000 MotoG's in one day, but what they don't tell is that they are solely functioning on the money investors are throwing at them also they have around 2Rs loss per 1Re revenue

So just because they built a seemingly large enterprise doesn't build their legacy, there are many many such examples of the so called unicorns who collapsed just because they couldn't gain traction after they hype they generated, take a look at homejoy, they were earning some real heat in their market until they realized they were solving the wrong problem or solving them in the wrong way, so it folded, it won't be long until paytm/flipkart/snapdeal etc etc who have a huge customer acquisition cost fold because their CA >>>> CR customer retention. The sole reason people buy from Flipkart is because it is cheap on flipkart, if the same item is cheaper somewhere else, they buy it from somewhere else, I really don't understand how this is any indication of being in the right business or a measure of being a strong business?

Amazon is the sole major ecommerce provider in US and for 30 long years they didn't become profitable despite being the sole provider, only now did they become profitable, compare that with the complicated scene of Indian ecommerce where there are way more providers and the CoD woes plus marketing costs and the ridiculous "coupons". Some people I know actually think paytm makes money, it is silly, they don't! They are just making people habituated to using and spending their hard earned money on paytm in hopes that they will be regular customers which they won't because the sole premise that people buy from these companies is because of the discounts they provide and nothing else, so when the dust settles down and they can't provide any more discounts, they'll fold.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates may be considered good for founding a fledgling enterprise because they earn money.

That being said when this bubble will burst a new age will dawn upon their ashes, I think we really need this lesson to make more prudent investors for the better future India!

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