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Its called the 20th century. Study it a bit.

I presume you mean that the tech stack of modern civilization was created by 'geeks' (although that's stretching the definition quite a bit)?

Ignoring all the politicians, businessmen and artists trivializes civilizations development quite a bit.

Also, science and technology is morally and politically impartial. Note that saying increased knowledge or productivity 'is good' is again a value statement.

Yeah, I think so too but that's just my position - but this is not a mathematical truth but a political position that requires constant backing up.

The point that this requires constant backing up in adiscussion (and that that's the way it should be) and not considering people with different values and priorities as 'being wrong' was the whole point of this thread.

"The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt." This is the point Bertrand was making. Stupid people believe so deeply that it gives them power to act. The intelligent is so obsessed with the minutia of possible difference- like whether increased knowledge is good or bad - That we suffer from permanent analysis paralysis. We're impotent when action is required. So no I think you're confused about the point of the discussion ;/

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