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My perpetual problem with Amazon payments is that, unlike Paypal, they don't have ubiquity among my customers and, unlike Google Checkout, they can't bribe me with favorable treatment on the search page to make me put up with non-ubiquity.

Interesting, I've always assumed the reverse, which is my main interest in Amazon payments. I assume mainstream people are more likely to have an Amazon account than a Paypal account.

Anecdotally, my sister, father, and grandfather all have Amazon accounts, and none have Paypal accounts. Also, everyone I encounter who's not technical knows what Amazon is, but few know Paypal.

Is there favorable treatment from an SEO perspective if you use Google Checkout?

No, but they show an icon in AdWords and Google Products One Box results next to stores that take Checkout. Any trust indicator like that usually helps.

It may increase your chances of appearing in the One Box as well (as opposed to simply determining whether you get an icon next to your name), but I haven't heard that definitively.

That would be highly unlikely in organic search results.

there is speculation that google could use checkout to track conversions

imagine the power of tracking a customer from ad click all the way through to checkout

Why not offer both?

I offer both Paypal and Google Checkout because they're both wrapped in a consistent API by e-junkie. e-junkie doesn't support Amazon at the moment. Writing in the support by myself would cost me lots of expensive engineering time for uncertain gain (I have no reason to suspect it will markedly improve conversions) where I could be doing something more productive like, e.g., SEO.

Some clearly do - I checked out from a site today that offered me PayPal, Google or Amazon checkout.

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