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"They either checked" (...) "or they did check"

That's an interesting approach to the covering of the real possibilities. No further comment.

Apologies if you did not understand what I was trying to say. Evidently I mistyped but I think it was clear what I was trying to say, but on the basis that you were not able to understand due to my error please let me clarify.

They either didnt check the veracity of their information and protested something they didnt fully understand. Which to me means they didnt really mind what reason they were using to protest there i.e. they didnt believe in the reason given, but that didnt mater as it was just an excuse to use as to why they were doing what they were doing.


They did check and find it to be false but protested anyway because the reason for the protest was never really anything other than an excuse to wander round intimidating people.

In both cases my point was that the reason given was just an excuse, whether it was true or not was not important to the protestors.

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