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Well, with Obama (who was elected by the American people) attacking at least two souvereign countries (Lybia, Syria) will you hold the American population responsible?

More generally, if I vote today for X and tomorrow X turns out to be a murderer, will you hold it against me because I can only vote every 5 years?

I didn't vote for Obama, but I do remember he put a great deal of effort in telling supporters he was going to get us out of the wars of the Middle East, no?

Anyway, any equivalence between what is going on now the ME and what Hitler and the Nazis were doing back then is totally false.

I'm not saying they're equivalent, I'm saying that it's difficult to blame someone for his voting if he's bound to it for 5 years and can't change it.

The difference, to me at least, is that Hitler was very forthcoming with his plans for Germany...Mein Kampf quite clearly laid out his intentions, and almost all Germans owned a copy for political reasons.

So in that case, it seems voters knew exactly what they were getting (and eventually got) with Hitler.

Obama, not so much...obviously.

If we believe in democracy, yes! We are totally responsible.

The fact that there is such a disconnect between the actions of government and the will of the population shows how flawed "democracy" is.

> ...shows how flawed "democracy" is.

As compared to what?

Well democracy is supposed to be citizens participating directly in the political process. What we have is a very watered down version of democracy - we elect officials every few years, but don't really participate in law making or ratification.

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