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Replace Germany with Russia in article and you would be describing the sad state of things in modern Russia, the most brutal and stupid are running the show there now.

Aside here is an interesting article regarding this > https://www.commentarymagazine.com/articles/russia-great-for...

Hm.. as opposed to Germany, Turkey, UK and the US?

Yes (except Turkey - Erdogan wants to become what Putin is).

Don't forget France. A politician noticed a PS4 console in a terrorist's room and concluded that that's what they used as a super-secret communication channel. Turns out they used good ol' SMS. Already intercepted. They announced that from now on they'll also intercept the PS4 messaging traffic anyway.

Then there's the plan to put ankle bracelets on "known extremists"...

I don't know why you're getting downvoted, but (disregarding the risk that I might get as well) I agree. Especially how quickly Hollande seized the opportunity of the tragedy-shocked nation to start attacking Syria...

It is not the stupid who run Russia, in fact looking at Syria Putin seems to be the only one with a realistic goal in that war. The Russian interests are their access to the Mediterranean and following from that they want to aid their ally, the Assad regime, both clearly attainable military goals. Contrast that with the western engagement in Syria, ISIS was created in Iraq during the occupation, and now the West tries to put down by bombs what was created by bombs, a strategy that did not work for Israel in the last 50 years. So perhaps Russia is run by the cynical, but certainly not by the stupid.

I never said Putin was stupid, but he does have an army of "willing idiots" both and home and abroad helping and supporting his goals.

he does have an army of "willing idiots"

Didn't you mean to say "coalition of the willing"?

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