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This is not just your problem. Every company that you work in has an implicit social contract (e.g. we're quirky, we're obsessed ..). Often over time the culture changes, and at some point you re-examine the social contract, realise it has changed and then underperform/ quit. [this was a massive issue in big outsourcing deals in the last 10-20 yrs where Company A would take over Company B's employees and then wonder why they became worse at doing the same job].

I would be constructively explicit early about the things you are uncomfortable about and try and articulate them to get a story going about what is changing. This way either you can adapt, or find out if others share your feelings, or you can decide if there's still a fit. Culture is key - once the culture (often the engineering culture) goes/radically changes, it signifies big changes ahead. Also - for the new people (PMs especially) - talk to them constructively to see if they can explain what they are bringing to the table, and also what they see as culturally valuable.

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