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This does not belong here.

As opposed to all those links you posted that do belong here?

Really, if you don't like it that much and you believe it does not belong here you can flag it. But the best way to make HN into what you feel it should be is to post good links and to visit the new page to upvote the things that you feel do belong here.

Fair enough.


We get these comments pretty regularly. Perhaps something could be done to avoid them - like the "Add Comment" page having some basic guidelines. A reminder of etiquette, the things that get downvoted, how to properly object (ie flag)?

It's a worthy sentiment but it's also a useless comment in that people who don't want to read the story should [and will largely have] just step over it whilst those who think it should appear here will read and so will naturally downvote such an objection.

In a sense, one can see how the Nazis' commitment to a brutal racial hierarchy undermined their ability to win WW2 (i.e. Jewish physicists left the country). On the other hand, is this being put forth as a serious theory of historical change? Wouldn't it be better to look at objective conditions (e.g. austerity conditions imposed after WW1, rampant anti-semitism) rather than whether or not the Nazis were 'stupid'? As nasty as they were, I doubt that Hitler, Goering, Himmler, etc. would appear as stupid today. Also, wouldn't the decades long commitment to eugenics on the part of many of Russell's friends, including forced sterilization, suggest that the intelligent should be full of doubt?

I found this worthwhile.

Why not?

Oh, and because it invariably leads to comments which are in breach of HN guidelines. See these comments about Donald Trump?

This is a good point and it's a shame you got downvoted for it.

(I up voted it, but it's still grey.)

Really? This is an old text saying that nazis were stupid and americans were not. I don't think that this qualifies as "[something] that good hackers would find interesting". It must have been posted here as a way to warn people to "not be stupid" or something?

I don't think it's saying Americans were not stupid. To me it reads more as Americans were not (at that time, in his assessment) allowing stupidity to triumph to nearly the same degree.

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