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I can relate to the stuff about free software losing the battle against commercial software. I've maintained 2 open source projects over the part 10 years and for both cases, I saw an 'as-a-service' alternative which did the same thing come up and get a massive amount of traction.

The worst part is that the attitude towards open source projects has degraded. One time I mentioned one of my (somewhat popular) open source projects in a pubic chat room (just a single post) and I was accused of spamming! Even though the project was relevant to the chat and it was completely free and open source.

People don't value free software anymore. It's all about ridiculously expensive SaaS services with massive lock-in nowadays.

So I've had enough. I'm joining the dark side. I'm going to start building services and help make the world a worse place.

I'm not going to be one of these poor old FSF guys who keep fighting for software freedom for their whole their lives. Things are getting worse - You just have to accept it and move with it.

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