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I think that statement is missing an "and." So he's disgusted by EFI. What impact does that have five layers up the stack?

Computing has moved from being bespoke to commodity. In a very real sense, cheaper is better - more people can afford it and the people who could always afford it can afford a lot more of it. I suspect that the benefits of cheaper is better vastly outstrip thia guy's grievances about EFI booting.

I think the main grievance is not about EFI booting though.

But what is his main grievance? He talks about how systems aren't designed anymore, they're just built from SoCs off commodity parts. So hardware isn't as reusible across generations, but hardware is cheap so who cares? Cheap solves lots of problems in the end. Compilation is cheap. VMs are cheap. Containers are cheap. All kinds of abstractions to let 99.99999% of people ignore the problems he talks about are cheap. What problem can bespoke computers solve that can't be solved by enough cheap computers?

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