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White Coke (wikipedia.org)
103 points by vezzy-fnord on Nov 27, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

I like the implication that it was considered more socially acceptable to chug vodka than Coca Cola.

That really stuck out at me too. I wonder when he drank the stuff, though. If it was just at parties, no big deal. If he was drinking it at work, then the implication would be pretty wacky.

_Not_ consuming "social" quantities of vodka at work would be far more questionable in the old time USSR.

On that note is anyone here old enough to remember how people drank Coke circa '40-50? Did people at the time tend to nurse their cokes or just chug that shit?

Soviet Union will do that to ya

Zhukov seemed to "pop" up repeatedly in important WWII battles (and other, more unexpected footnotes, apparently).

Might be an interesting biography to read...

This also sounds like the Khrushchev/video game connection:


Zhukov is one of the greatest generals of World War II. He made Stalin jealous.

It's surprising he was even around, then, considering https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Purge. (Gonna read that bio sometime.)

He became too much of a war hero.

Can't seem to find a photo of one, too bad.

So, whereas a lot of people masquerade their spirits within soda cans, Zhukov was masquerading his soda as vodka. I love it!

Why do we call it white when the correct term is clear?

>The colorless version of Coca-Cola was bottled using straight, clear glass bottles sporting a white cap with a red star in the middle.

Maybe it was because of the white cap?

Vodka and Gin are sometimes called white spirits.


And white spirits - the cleaning product - is called white spirits.

Both white and clear matter re-transmit all the light they receive, so neither of them have their own characteristic color.

Maybe that's why they are often mixed up.

Color and clarity are orthogonal qualities. A liquid can be either clear or opaque (or somewhere in between) regardless of it's color, and can be any color regardless of it's opacity.

Cranberry juice is both red and clear. Blood is red and opaque. Milk is white and opaque, and vodka is white and clear.

>That is, Coca-Cola supplies and products were required to transit a Soviet occupation zone, while being transported between the Lambach bottling plant and the Vienna warehouse

man, what a logistical nightmare. can't imagine having to deal with something like that if I was trying to get coca-cola from A to B. they must have been grateful for the "unusual consequence" of almost no soviet-zone stoppage.

Reminds me of Nuka-Cola. :)

If the cold war had taken wrong turn on probably one of the 10 possible points in history, it might as well have been ...

Similarly, Fanta started out in Nazi Germany:


Too bad there is not a single picture depicting the product in that wikipedia page.

essentially crystal pepsi?

Well, the other way around, since Crystal Pepsi came far (50 years) later.

Edit: And it seems Crystal Pepsi was also caffeine-free. The only difference between White Coke and regular Coke was the coloring.

Sounds tasty.

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