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More Power8 systems than aarch64? I'm sure there's a surprising amount of IBM servers out there, but I doubt they outsell the iPhone 5S / 6 / 6S.

Can you really count the iPhones? They are not open in any sense of the word and you would have to do some significant contortions to run anything but Apple's OS on them.

Yes, because they are significant in taking away budget, resources and brain power. And they make people believe that other platforms are becoming less significant.

I'm personally just going for a simple count of how many things (servers, phones, remote controls...) uses a particular CPU architecture. It probably makes the 8051 rank quite highly (and I bet lots of them have hard / impossible to replace ROM for software).

It's easier than trying to come up with some soft of definition for an "open system" or a "real computer".

The post is about ecosystems and what people work on/for, is a library maintainer more likely to spend work or merge fixes for android/ios support or power8 support?

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