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OpenBSD support in psutil 3.3.0 (grodola.blogspot.com)
55 points by grodola on Nov 25, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

> OpenBSD source code is also available but it uses CSV and I am not sure it includes the source code for all CLI tools.

Isn't that pretty much the whole point of BSD distributions? And IIRC OpenBSD doesn't even allow binary drivers, everything distributed as part of OpenBSD which runs on the host CPU is open-source (OpenBSD does bundle firmwares blobs)

(otoh it is nice to get more OS support in psutil, it's a neat piece of kit though with an annoying history of API changes)

And particularly with OpenBSD, having pioneered AnonCVS.. the entire system source code is available, assuredly.



I am very happy to see psutil support in OpenBSD.

I was puzzled by the line above regarding source. Like most (all?) BSDs the system is easily checked out and built:


or, basically:

# cd /usr

# cvs -qd anoncvs@anoncvs.ca.openbsd.org:/cvs get -rOPENBSD_5_8 -P src

# cd /sys/arch/amd64/conf

# config GENERIC.MP

# cd ../compile/GENERIC.MP

# make depend bsd install

# cd /usr/src

# make obj build

# reboot

You can also download the src for a release in one tar.gz file. I am really not sure what the poster is talking about since it includes everything.

Ya I'm not really sure what they were getting at there. Is it that they think the OpenBSD source layout is hard to understand, they saw cvs and stopped looking or is it that they believe OpenBSD ships with tools that do not have the source released?

> Is it that they think the OpenBSD source layout is hard to understand

OpenBSD's source tree layout is almost the same as FreeBSD's.

In both trees the source for the various CLI tools lives in src/bin/, src/sbin/, src/usr.bin/, src/usr.sbin/, and a similar structure in src/gnu/ (eg. src/gnu/usr.bin/)



I think you mean CVS, not CSV.

I don't mean anything, the chevron means it's a direct quote from TFA (most likely just a typo which nobody else caught because everybody read it at "CVS" in context, I sure did)

This reminds me of a recent comment that mentioned this issue with syncthing: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/1272

Nothing directly to do with psutil, but related to cross-platform handling of differences between Linux, and various * BSDs (also, a reminder that while vendoring dependencies a la "best practice" go, it's good to keep an eye on upstream - or risk missing fixes).

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