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Android malware drops Banker from PNG file (b0n1.blogspot.com)
36 points by boni11 on Nov 24, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Geeze, the sentence structure in that article is horrible. Clear as mud.

EDIT: Oh, I see now. He's from Slovakia (https://twitter.com/LukasStefanko), so I guess it's just the language barrier.

I still don't understand what is meant by the word 'banker' but otherwise the article is interesting.

In the security industry, the typical term for malware that primarily intends to steal credit card data and bank accounts is a "banking trojan", or "banker" for short.

inferring here

It appears that Android Banker is a particular piece of malware that does a very good job of mimicking login pages/payment pages of various applications/sites

he's calling malware that tries to steal banking credentials "Banker". He mentions it waits for legit banking apps to be run, then it pops up fake phishing dialog boxes over the top asking for credentials which it sends off to a server on the web.

Are you kidding me? I remember this dice picture ...from some steganography course I read online :D

[UPDATE] Added samples not obfuscated and protected by DexProtect

Article sure wasn't what I was expecting from the title.

Who would allow 'Flash Player' access to texts, location, network, draw on top of apps and factory reset? That's just asking for trouble...

Dialog ennui. The same reason UAC didn't work in Windows.

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