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What do you think you've learned from living/working in so many different cities?

I love hearing advice and insight from people who've lived in a lot of different US cities. What similarities they've noticed, what differences, etc.

In general, I don't put much value in moving around a lot. I was still pretty immature in my early years in the industry and did what many young twenty-somethings do--try out a job, then leave when it gets boring. I bounced around a lot like this. As I grew older, I grew to appreciate the benefits of sticking with one thing for 2+ years: the seniority, the promotions, the advanced knowledge you develop, etc.

My favorite place to live, hands down, was Utah. I really enjoyed my time there. I lived in Park City, UT for both stints. It's a ski town and totally different from how many might conceive Utah. The pay in Utah was never amazing but I got by. Now that I've been working remote for 6 years, I can picture going back to a place like Park City. Mid-sized, activity-focused towns in the Mountain West are awesome.

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